Episode 6: The Screening

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Ep. 1: Pre-production

Ep. 2: "Party Scene"

Ep. 3: "Cemetery Scene"

Ep. 4: "Woods Scene"

Ep. 5: "Lab Scene"

Ep. 6: The Screening

Ep. 7: Epilogue

Three weeks later, Michael's short was finally finished and he held a screening for friends and family of the cast/crew. I was impressed by the size of the location. I was also impressed by the size of Michael's lack of friends.

There was a funeral going on in the next room so we had to be pretty quiet.

Return of the Bigfoot (part 1 of 2)

One thing I noticed...Monica wasn't invited to the screening. I wonder why!

Return of the Bigfoot (part 2 of 2)

At times it was a nightmare filming Michael's "behind the scenes" footage. But, seeing "Return of the Bigfoot" made it all completely 100% worth it! I knew immediately that the world had to see this. After seeing it yourself, I'm sure you agree!

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