My name is Jonathan.

The Summer of 2006 I met a peculiar man who introduced himself as "Michael Justice". The day before, I had bought a Canon XL2 camcorder from a friend of mine who had just upgraded to HD. I never had any intentions of going into filmmaking, I just wanted to make some fun home videos and this camera looked fantastic!

Michael saw me testing out the camera in the local grocery store parking lot and approached me about shooting the behind the scenes footage for his new short film, Return of the Bigfoot. He kept going on and on about "the message" for which the short film was the vehicle to get across to the world. He never articulated just what that message was, but he was passionate about it.

He offered to pay me $1,000 and said I could learn a lot about filmmaking from observing him. A real "win-win-win" situation he called it (not sure who the third "win" is for, but whatever). After agreeing to his terms I went home and rigged up an old lav mic from my church and convinced a friend of mine to hold a boom mic I jerry-rigged.

Fast-forward to 6 years later and he still hasn't paid me. So, I decided to edit the footage myself and put it online for all to see. Once you see it, you'll understand why. The world needs to see "Michael Justice" and all the strange characters who agreed to work with him!

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