Episode 5: "Lab Scene"

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Ep. 5: "Lab Scene"

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Finally, an inside shooting day! The wrap day came not a day too soon. Michael and I were both really excited about this being the wrap day, but for very different reasons.

I don't know why I assumed Michael had permission to shoot in this church, but I found out later that the church had never heard of him. I confronted him about it and he responded that it was "God land" and that it was for all living humans.

I asked him what religion he belonged to. I kid you not, he said "Michaelogy". He says he's going to write a book someday. When asked what authority he had to start a religion he responded, "I heard from god once. She's really nice."

Enter Abby

To say Abby and Patti didn't hit it off would be an understatement. Abby was everything Patti wanted to be.

I had to really keep an eye on Patti. Twice I caught her trying to lock Abby in the bathroom and she kept trying to convince her that her mark was 8 feet off camera. Patti even tried to dissolve some of her pills in Abby's drink, but Abby wasn't fooled since her water had mysteriously turned cloudy orange.

Chill Pill

Later I asked Abby how Michael convinced her to be a part of his movie. Apparently, Michael agreed to stop stalking her if she would do it.


Finally, production was wrapped. I asked Rory what his favorite part of the production was and he said "when the plane appeared on stage". I don't think he understood the question.

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