Episode 4: "Woods Scene"

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Ep. 2: "Party Scene"

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Ep. 4: "Woods Scene"

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When I saw the forecast for this day, I called Michael to suggest he reschedule due to the record breaking heat. He told me something about temperature being an illusion and how the Inuits discovered this secret and that to date no Inuit has ever died from heat.

I informed him that "Inuit" is another name for "eskimo" and that they lived in year round snow. His response? "Native is one letter away from naive".

I still have no idea what that means.

Can't Take the Heat?

At this point, every time I heard him use the term "the message" I became overwhelmed with the desire to punch him in the throat. I suspect I'm not the first person to be overwhelmed with this desire.

Ahead of His Time?

Rory and Scotty had really started to hit it off, although it began to dawn on me that neither had any idea what the other was talking about. At one point Scotty asked Rory if he was a registered Indian. Rory said yes. Scotty asked what tribe he was in, to which Rory responded "Presbyterian".

Scotty nodded, "Yeah, I thought you looked Canadian."


Nothing like dry burgers and no drinks to beat the 110 degree heat! Thanks, Michael.

At least we found some old cups and a working faucet in the bathroom.

Back to Work

Michael once shared with me how sick he was of dating models because they liked him too much. I asked what he was looking for and he said he wanted to meet someone who was on his level mentally. He said that was really hard to find. I agreed.

"Also," he said, "no fatties or retards."

Good luck, Michael.

The Kiss

As often as Michael kept reminding me how tolerant he was of other races and how important equality is I couldn't help but think he protesteth too much. Was he really a racist deep inside?

Answer? Yep.

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