Episode 3: "Cemetery Scene"

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Ep. 1: Pre-production

Ep. 2: "Party Scene"

Ep. 3: "Cemetery Scene"

Ep. 4: "Woods Scene"

Ep. 5: "Lab Scene"

Ep. 6: The Screening

Ep. 7: Epilogue

When I heard the 3rd day would take place at a cemetery I about swallowed my tongue. If there's one place Michael Justice shouldn't be allowed to be, it's around people mourning the death of loved ones. I just knew that was a volatile combination.

He did not disappoint...

Enter Bigfoot

I have no idea who the "intern" playing bigfoot is, but I'm pretty sure I caught him eating out of the dumpster when I arrived.

As for the costume...that's supposed to be a bigfoot?

"The Message"

At this point, I had no idea what "the message" was or why it was so important, but I was getting sick of hearing Michael reference it! It's the one thing he talks about more than how good he is at things.

Just before shooting, Michael talked for 30 minutes about how the "NBA" keeps begging him to teach his new "granny hook" to its players. I asked him later to show me some of his skills on the court next door. He said he would but he didn't have a ball. I told him I had one in my car. He said it was the wrong color. 

Someone in the Shot

I'm speechless...

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