Episode 2: "Party Scene"

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Ep. 1: Pre-production

Ep. 2: "Party Scene"

Ep. 3: "Cemetery Scene"

Ep. 4: "Woods Scene"

Ep. 5: "Lab Scene"

Ep. 6: The Screening

Ep. 7: Epilogue

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The first day of shooting Michael didn't allow me on set. I'm not sure why. He claims he wanted to keep part of his process a secret. I think he just didn't want to have to pay for me to enter the campsite.

So, I came on the second day...the "party scene". I can't believe he convinced someone to let him shoot in their house!

Which One's Monica?

Did I mention how much I love Monica?!


Rory came up to me wanting to show me a new card trick he came up with. He asked me to pick a card, memorize it, stick it back in the deck and shuffle it, then hide the deck anywhere in the house that I wanted. As I was hiding the deck, I must admit, I was getting very curious. Then, he told me that's all he's got so far. So, I went and got the deck and gave it back to him.

Strange kid.

Filming Begins

Finally, I got to see Michael's film directing "skills". He knows what he wants, I'll give him that.

It's Bigfoot, Yo!

Near the end of the day, Michael taught me a lesson I'll never forget...and hopefully neither will he.


Striking the set and packing up was one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life. But that was only the beginning!

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