Episode 1: "Pre-production"

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Ep. 1: Pre-production

Ep. 2: "Party Scene"

Ep. 3: "Cemetery Scene"

Ep. 4: "Woods Scene"

Ep. 5: "Lab Scene"

Ep. 6: The Screening

Ep. 7: Epilogue

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When I arrived the first day Michael told me he was meeting a real life Bigfoot eyewitness to try and get some funding for his picture. (Wait till you hear the name of this guy's company!) I questioned how he was going to pay me out of the amount of funds he asked for.


Even though I doubted his ability to pay me, I was becoming fascinated with Michael. What happened next convinced me that this experience was going to be totally worth it!

Watching Kids

The next day Michael started auditions and I got to meet the rest of the people he had convinced to be apart of his film.


Eventually, I finally met someone normal. And boy is she fantastic! Her name is Monica and I quickly got the feeling she was as fascinated by Michael as I was. Why else would someone as talented as she be doing this? She happens to be black and Michael took every opportunity he could to tell me about how non-racist he was.


The next day they started shooting his film, "Return of the Bigfoot". Trust me, the fun was just about to start!

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